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released 28 Feb 2013
Music recorded June 27-29, 2007 @ Prairie Recording by Craig Boychuk
Vocals recorded July & Dec 2007 in Hannah's Living Room of Sorrow & Craig's Living Room of Pain in Winnipeg, MB by Craig.
Mixed by Craig & Jesse Dec 2007 & Jan 2008 @ CB Audio (www.CBaudio.com).
Finishing touches by Craig Boychuk Jan 2008.
Artwork Ben Bonner http://occasionalheadbunts.com/, layout by Randy Ortiz http://damnthedesign.com/.

1. Extending Common Courtesy Throughout The Evening
2. I Send My Regards to the Colonel
3. The Romanticist
4. Summary of Comfort
5. The Pioneer
6. Frye
7. Messenger Of Teeth
8. The Dear John Letter Crew
9. The Goat

MP3's can be purchased at http://kenmode.bandcamp.com/album/mennonite

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