• Image of Loved Pre-order Bundles CD
  • Image of Loved Pre-order Bundles CD

releases August 31, 2018

Brand new Loved CD by KEN mode, coupled with exclusive deleted face shirt on white, OR void circle t-shirt on black by Randy Ortiz. Only available via the band in this pre-order.

If digital is your thing: Bandcamp

Other shirt/CD variants:

USA: Season of Mist Records
Canada: New Damage Records
ROW: Season of Mist Records

Guilty Parties: Jesse Matthewson - vocals, guitar, percussion, piano // Shane Matthewson – drums // Scott Hamilton – bass, backing vocals, percussion // Kathryn Kerr – saxophone // Bass on ‘Fractures In Adults’ by Drew Johnston // Additional backing vocals by Adam Dyson

All songs by KEN mode. All lyrics arranged by Jesse, but words by Jesse, Scott, Shane, Cate Francis, Garrett Jamieson, Mark Matthewson, and Drew Johnston.
Recorded January 2018 @ Private Ear Recording in Winnipeg, MB, Canada by Andrew Schneider, instruments on ‘No Gentle Art’ + vocals on ‘Very Small Men’ by Craig Boychuk.
Mixed by Andrew Schneider.
Produced by Andrew Schneider and KEN mode (www.andrewschneideraudio.com).
Mastered March 2018 by Carl Saff.
Artwork and layout by Randy Ortiz (www.damnthedesign.com).

1. Doesn't Feel Pain Like He Should
2. The Illusion Of Dignity
3. Feathers & Lips
4. Learning To Be Too Cold
5. Not Soulmates
6. Very Small Men
7. This Is A Love Test
8. Fractures In Adults
9. No Gentle Art