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releases 16 June 2015

Guilty Parties:
Jesse Matthewson - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Shane Matthewson – Percussion
Scott Hamilton – Bass, Vocals

Cello on ‘Blessed’ and ‘The Owl…’: Natanielle Felicitas. Noise on ‘Blessed’: Dylan Walker and Jesse.

Additional vocals on ‘Blessed’ by Eugene Robinson and ‘These Tight Jeans’ by Jill Clapham.

All songs by KEN mode.
All lyrics by Jesse, some lines by KEN mode.

Recorded November 2014 @ Exchange District Studios in Winnipeg, MB, Canada by Steve Albini. Assisted by Shawn Dealey.
Mastered January 2015 by Bob Weston with Steve Albini @ Chicago Mastering in Chicago, IL, United States of America.

Artwork and layout by Randy Ortiz (http://damnthedesign.com).
KEN mode logo by Aaron Turner

These Tight Jeans
The Owl...
I Just Liked Fire
Management Control
A Passive Disaster
Failing At Fun Since 1981
A Catalog Of Small Disappointments
Dead Actors

MP3's can be purchased at http://kenmode.bandcamp.com/album/success