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Released 25 July 2006
Music recorded Dec 27 - 29, 2005 @ Private Ear studios by Craig Boychuk. Vocals recorded January 2006 @ Hannah's basement of broken dreams in Winnipeg, MB, by Craig. Mixed by Craig, Jesse and Shane Feb & March 2006 @ CB audio. (www.CBaudio.com)
Mastering by Nick Zampiello @ New Alliance East (www.newallianceeast.com) in March 2006.

Artwork by Stephen Kasner. Layout by Adam Peterson

1. The Hammer Party
2. Proditio
3. The Musk Ox
4. I Simply Am Not There
5. Seul
6. Looks Like A Failure
7. Lethe
8. Capricorn
9. Hibernation Has Never Been A Better Option
10. Tiger Comet
11. Ahriman

MP3's can be purchased at http://kenmode.bandcamp.com/album/reprisal