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released 19 March 2013

Produced by Matt Bayles and KEN mode. Recorded September 2012 @ Private Ear Studios in Winnipeg, MB, Canada by Matt Bayles

Mastered by Ed Brooks @ RFI Mastering in Seattle, WA

‘Cloudghoultrillghost’ sculpture by Ben Bonner http://occasionalheadbunts.com/. Photography by Ryan Klatt. Layout and design by Randy Ortiz http://damnthedesign.com

1. Counter Culture Complex
2. No; I'm In Control
3. Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me Sick
4. The Terror Pulse
5. The Promises Of God
6. Romeo Must Never Know
7. Secret Vasectomy
8. Figure Your Life Out
9. Daeodon
10. Why Don't You Just Quit?
11. Monomyth

MP3's can be purchased at http://kenmode.bandcamp.com/album/entrench